Owner Satomi Yamada

Owner Satomi Yamada
Birth: December 25th, 1985  
Birhplace: Tokyo

My name is Satomi. I was born as the daughter of a sushi chef in Tokyo.

Leonardo Dicaprio made me interested in foreign countries better than Japan and I got to like traveling to abroad.

I like to watch sports which is popular in the country because I also like watching a play and sport.

I had lived in NY(USA), London(England), Sydney(Australia), Bayreuth(Germany) and went to language school and business school. I got to think about as a Japanese during my stay.

After I graduated the university, I wanted to get the job that connected to foreign countries and I had worked in a trade company for Japanese, China, USA and Germany.

Also, I’ve got a certificate of Japanese language teacher because I was interested in Japanese language teacher to teach foreigners Japanese language. After that, I worked as a Japanese language teacher in Japanese language school in Tokyo.

In Japan, I had let my friends from foreign countries stay at my house and I enjoyed to guid in local town of Tokyo instead of tourist spots.

And I started to manage the company “Susy’s Zoo Japanese & Nail” teach about Sushi is famous all over the world and tell the greatest places that not tourist spots.