I was born as the daughter of a sushi chef, and at some point I started to feel that the sushi I knew was different from the sushi around me.

The sushi bar I know are places where you can eat as much as you want without worrying about what you want, and enjoy eating and drinking with local people and other guests at the restaurant.

I started this hands-on course because I hope to eat sushi and at the same time interact with other Japanese people who are not accustomed to international people.

Experiencing Japanese culture at a sushi bar would be a good memory forever. 

Susy’s Zoo focuses on Edomae-sushi.

Sushi that originated in Tokyo is called “Edomae-sushi” and is the origin of today’s nigiri sushi.

How about you study about Edomae-sushi, Japanese culture and have an experience to communicate with Japanese in a local town?

SUSHIDO〜Japanese hospitality experience at Sushi bar〜
Youtube of SUSHIDOU